Frequently Asked Questions


We prioritize customer communication so you have the best experience with us. Please take a look at our most frequently asked questions.

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How can I know the position of my shipment?

Go to "Track Shipment", the system will provide you with up to date status of your shipment. Either enter your HBL number or mobile number to access the information.

Do you operate door to door services to other countries?

Sorry, we do not operate door to door services to other countries. We move shipments to airports only.

Is there a minimum or maximum weight allowed?

Minimum chargeable weight on our door to service is 5kgs. Airport AITA rules will apply.

How do I know my charges?

Ensure that your shipment is clearly marked with your and the consignees official names and active contact. Plus a photocopy of your iqama.

Where and how do I pay?

In Saudi Arabia, you can pay any of our staff and ensure a receipt is issued on the spot as proof of payment. You can also deposit directly to our account. In Kenya you can either pay via MPESA or deposit directly into our account.

What documents or information do you require from me when I hand over my shipment?

Ensure that your shipment is clearly marked with your and the consignees official names and active contact. Plus a photocopy of your iqama.

 Do you undertake packaging of shipments? If yes, what are the charges?

We only sell company cartons for sr 15/ per carton but do not undertake packaging of shipments. As a private enterprise our staff provide packaging services on mutual understanding between them and shippers, the company is not liable.

How long does a shipment take to reach its destination?

Transit time between Jeddah and Mombasa is 21 days. Allow 3-4 days to shipments whose final destination is other than Mombasa.

How will I know when my shipment has arrived?

The shipper will be notified via SMs once cleared from Mombasa port and the consignee will be notified via SMS once shipment is dispatched. We also have an active facebook page where the status of any consignment LOT is published.

Will I need any identification when receiving the shipment?

Yes, proof of the consignees identification is necessary. An original national ID or passport must be presented before the shipment can be handed over.

In case of loss or damage of my shipment, what should I do?

Report to Jeddah office in writing via an email atinfo@zaincocargo.comwithin three days. Any claim after this will not be entertained.

After arrival, can I leave my shipment at your warehouse?

10 free days are allowed from date of arrival, after that a storage charge is applied of Kes 1.50 per kilo per day.

Where are your offices in Saudi Arabia?

Our headquarters is in Jeddah - details on our contact page.

Where are your offices in Kenya?

 Our headquarters is in Mombasa, our main branch is in Nairobi - details on our contact page.

Can I combine my shipment with someone else?

ZAINCO does not allow a combination of shipments.

Can one shipment be delivered to two or more consignees?

No, a shipment will only be delivered to the specified consignee's address as declared by the shipper.

How will you know once I've deposited an amount into your bank account?

You need to SMS the amount deposited, your HBL number and the specific bank account you made the deposit to 0505691673. So that we can immediately issue a receipt to effect the payment.

Can my shipment be delivered on credit or part payment?

No, we only deliver a shipment once full payment has been made. That is freight plus any other additional charges the shipment might have incurred.

Who can I contact if I need a shipment to be collected from my premises?

Contact our staff operating nearest to your location - go to our contact page.

Can a shipment be delivered from a point of purchase direct to your office?

Yes, it is common practice for shops to deliver shipments directly to our office. What you must ensure is that your shipment is clearly marked with your and the consignees official names and address, as well as give the shop owners our correct contacts for them to locate us.

Can you purchase products on behalf of a shipper?

Yes, we do provide that service. So long as,
(1) The request is in written form through the director.
(2) Funds are made available with the request.
(3) It's for a product whose specifications are universal, example electronics.